Keep Employees Safe & Business Thriving During COVID-19 with
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Business Safety and Success during the COVID-19 Pandemic

HIPAA, ADA, FFCRA - health monitoring - cleaning - disinfection - rejuvenate business

In this course, students will learn:

Workplace Safety Modifications during the COVID-19 Pandemic

distancing - ppe - social hygiene - innovative business strategies

This course offers a deep dive into policies and practices companies can adopt to keep people safe and business operations going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specific recommendations for distancing, personal protective equipment, and workplace modifications are provided. Strategies for supporting employees mental well-being, in addition to their physical well-being are included. Review of individual protections provided under HIPAA, ADA, and FFCRA is included.

Recording and OSHA Record Keeping of COVID-19 Illness

work-relatedness - OSHA requirements - mental & physical well-being

This course provides guidance on how and when to determine whether or not a COVID-19 is considered a “work-related” illness according to OSHA. Specific decision making practice scenarios are included. As this is a complex and often traumatic issue, information about how employers can recognize when employees struggle and find appropriate ways to support them.

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