Continuous Improvement

Create Operational Efficiencies

Lean Manufacturing Training & Certification

Take your Utah manufacturing company to the next level of success by learning how to cut wasteful practices in your workflows. Lean manufacturing training helps you determine where you are wasting time and resources. Some of the areas a lean manufacturing consultant can help you improve your results include:

Lean manufacturing may incorporate one or more strategies to help you get the best outcomes from your workflows. Examples of lean manufacturing strategies include kaizen, 5S, and six-sigma.


Kaizen emphasizes continuous improvement for every employee. When everyone meets individual goals which are aligned with company goals, wasted time and wasted resources can be more easily eliminated.


The 5S methodology incorporates 5 points that contribute to a properly organized work environment. 

  • Get rid of what you don’t need by Sorting.
  • Set in Order (or straighten) the items that are left after sorting.
  • Create a workspace that Shines.
  • Establish Standards for the future.
  • Enforce the standards consistently for Sustainable results.

Six Sigma

The techniques used in a six-sigma operation are designed to achieve a 99.99966% component success rate, or near 100% predictable results.